Let's introduce ourselves: we are Marta (@martacasartelli) and Giulia (@giuliacasartelli), two sisters from Como, the beautiful town on the lake in the northern Italy.
We used to wander through flea markets with our parents, Isa and Tiziano, since we were young girls, this habit turned soon into a big passion for arts, beauties and new discoveries.
We are now two professionals (Marta works for a big fashion company and Giulia is an architect specialized in interior design ndr) passionate about digital innovations, travels and sustainability.
Our motto is reusing is better than consuming and combining both our passion for flea treasures and the necessity of a sustainable lifestyle, we decided to start Retello, a brand new marketplace for vintage and sustainable shopping.
If you have any questions please send us a mail at
We are always happy to connect with folks from all around the world.
Marta and Giulia