Retello is a brand new start up founded by two sisters that truly believe in the need to give a new life to old beautiful things.

Why buying a new boring fast fashion jacket when you can wear something extremely unique? Why furnishing your new room with a standardized wardrobe when you can find something really distinctive and customized?

Our motto is clear and simple: reusing is better than consuming. There are enough clothes and furniture out there to allow every single person to find what they’re looking for and Retello is infinitely happy to contribute to make it possible.

RETELLO teaser launch from Retello on Vimeo.

Retello is a new word that defines our core values:

RE - is for reduce, reuse and recycle, the three-R that represent a guidance for creating a sustainable path, by refusing to buy items we don't need and 
by learning how to reuse them.
TELL  - because we want to retell the beauty of second hand and vintage objects, bringing out their uniqueness, originality and sustainability.
O  - stands for all the objects handpicked by us and ready to be re-loved by you.

Get prepared to have your mind blown, all our selected objects have plenty to tell and a bright future that should be discovered.