Differences between Retro & Vintage

Vintage and Retro are two words that have been often used as correspondents.

However, there is a real difference between them: ‘Retro’ means something patterned after an old style; it's something that is not old and doesn't come from any particular era, but it resembles and imitates trends of the past.


Retro speaker

Vintage, instead, refers to the age of the item, rather than the style of it.
The word Vintage comes from the old french word ''Vendage'' and consequently from the Latin word "Vindemia" and it was first used in the 15th Century to indicate the wine harvest. Talking about vintage wine recalls the idea of excellence, particular crops and good bottles. Nowadays this word is used not only in relation to wine, but also to describe other items from the past, like clothing, or furniture. Outside the wine definition, Vintage could be considered the attribute that describes objects extremely valuables and unique that come from the past.


Vintage Film

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